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"Last Roll Call - The Adventure of a B-17 Tailgunner"

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 Author - Kenneth Tucker - November 2009 
 Apalachicola, FL

  As I gaze at the old photos of my crew, it's sad for me to acknowledge that they're all gone now, except for me. I'm the last one, the only one left to tell our story. Sadly, I know that it's just a matter of time before I stand before my crew and make my last roll call.  


This story isn't about me; it's about my crew. Without them, I wouldn't have a story to tell. By getting to know the members of just one bomber crew, I can only hope that readers will come to understand and appeciate the sacrifices that so many thousands of young men made for our country and for our freedom.




Most people think of the Mighty 8th out of England when WWII bomber crews are mentioned. The 8th AF certainly deserves all the credit they have received. I do, however, want to inform readers that the 15th Air Force out of Italy played a huge role in ending the war in Europe by concentrating bombing runs on the German's petroleum supply. 


I hope to locate the families of some of the crew, especially pilot, Louis Dunigan and our flight engineer, Clyde Dwight. These two amazing characters certainly provided me with lots of quality material for

        "Last Roll Call".         







  Co-author and daughter, Wanda Tucker Goodwin, Panama City, FL


 In just three years this short, simple story has proven to be a rewarding and successful venture: 






Florida Publishers Association's

2011 Presidents Award


Sarasota - November 5, 2011



*** Sold over 4000 books with NO publisher, distributor,agent or publicist 


*** Receiving GREAT reviews from folks of all ages from middle school to the Greatest Generation. Check these out at "People Are Talking."


*** Flies with two Wings of Freedom tours: Yankee Lady and Liberty Belle. Ken was a special guest for a flight on the Liberty Belle.


*** Class sets of Last Roll Call are now in three schools in Bay County, FL. where Ken is a popular visitor.


*** Award winning novelist credits Last Roll Call  and included a scene in her upcoming novel inspired by an incident that happened to Ken. See details at tab, Kristina McMorris-Novelist. 


*** Ken has been contacted by the families of three crew members; Halsey Nisula-Navigator, Louis Dungian-Pilot and Clyde Dwight-Flight Engineer. Check out Comments from Families.


*** Weekly book signings at Sundog Books in Seaside, FL continue to draw a crowd. View pictures at Events tab.


*** Ken has received many notes of thanks for his service in WWII. One man sent a walking cane made of .50 caliber machine gun casings. See pictures at the Events tab.