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"Last Roll Call - The Adventure of a B-17 Tailgunner"

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Release Party and Book Signing
November 4, 2009
Bay County Library - Panama City, FL
A great crowd turned out for the release.
So many people wanted to talk to Ken.
Wanda Tucker Goodwin,  Ken Tucker, and Shirley Myers, editor and family friend
Ken's two surviving siblings, Loyce Novak from Panacea and Thelma Rowell from Carrabelle and his wife Jenny
Friends and family came from near and far.  Judy Pinkston from Lake Park, GA; Shirley Myers from Atlanta, GA and Barbara Tucker, Ken's other daughter
Ken with his friend Ray Tucker (no relation). Ray was our historical editor and also wrote the credit on the back cover.

 Such a nice turn out. 
Sundog Books - Seaside, FL
Ken has a book signing home here. During the spring and summer he's there at least once a week.
Sundog was voted one of the top five bookstores in the south by Southern Living Magazine.
One of the advantages of being an author. Look at those smiles.
These girls were from New Orleans where their school had participated in helping restore the WWII Museum.
So much more room on the front porch in nice weather.
Mom is taking picture of Ken's WWII ID card for her son's school report on WWII.
Apalachicola Seafood Festival
November 7, 2009
Ken with his helpers: grandson Brandon Goodwin and nephew Billy Samford.
Cane Made from .50 Caliber
 Machine Gun Shell Casings    



 The cane was sent as a token of appreciation from a fellow in North Carolina.  Ken greatly appreciated the gift and takes it with him to all book signings and speaking engagements. It is truly a work of art and has been admired by many.




Model of B-17 Kwiturbitchin




The model was presented to Ken by his friend Ray Tucker (no relation). Ray believes that anyone who flew in the Fortresses should have a model of one.





 WWII Memorial

Wiregrass Honor Flight  

 Dothan, Alabama....April, 2010





 Left Panama City at 4:00 AM for the drive to Dothan.




 Ken's artificial knees (he calls them his counterfit knees) set off metal detectors. Screeners were kept pretty busy that morning.




 The back of the veteran's T-shirts




 Heroes welcome everywhere!!!






Ken (standing far right) was chosen to represent the US Army Air Corp for the laying of the wreath at the Alabama pillar.




The Freedom Wall - 4,000 gold stars each representing 100 lives to commemorate the more than 400,000 Americans who gave their lives in WWII.





Roll Call of Nations - The 56 U.S. states, territories, and District of Columbia that united in a common cause.




Arlington National Cemetary - grave markers as far as the eye could see in every direction.



Arrived back in Dothan at 9:30 PM to a huge heroes welcome. Still had a 2 hour bus ride back to Panama City. Ken with his friend Ed Armagost who was a B-17 pilot.





Wings of Freedom - Collins Foundation

Panama City Airport -  February 23, 2010

Book Signing Under the Wing of

 B-17 Nine O Nine 



Students from a local high school enjoy Ken's story about the .50 caliber shell casing cane.




A local high school history teacher, Erin Pickard,  admires a "living" piece of history.




The students invited Ken to come speak to their class when they study WWII.



So many folks wanted to say "thank you."




So many stories to share.




The three guys in the middle took the flight on the B-17 and tried to get Ken to go up with them. Ken's response was, "I did my 35."






 School Visits - Panama City, FL




 Bozeman Learning Center- 7th Grade History Class




Teacher, Eric Pickard, introducing Ken




After reading Last Roll Call, the students had lots of questions for Ken.




Ken spoke to a large group in the cafeteria..