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"Last Roll Call - The Adventure of a B-17 Tailgunner"

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 You Tube Links 

Basic Training in WWII - Camp Wheeler, GA: Atypical basic training basewith great music of the time and a visit from Bob Hope with some corney jokes. 6:15 

Clark Gable 8th USAAF 1943: Training film starring Captain Clark Gable. Gable attended gunnery school at Tyndall Army Air Feld in Panama City, FL.   8:52

On the Wing - Trailer:  Short personal insights from a few 15th AF Bomber Boys.    2:36  

B-17 Pilot 1st Lt. James Jarmon 463rd Bombardment Group: Present day footage of a B-17 pilot who flew out of Southern Italy. He is taking a flight aboard "Sentimental Journey." The event was put on by Boeing in honor of the 50th anniversary of the B-17.   2:06

B-17 Bomber - Inside and Out: Just still shots but a great tour inside EAA's "Sentimental Journey." Great shots of all the crew positions except the tail. Tail positions are blocked off.  2:50

B-17 Down:  Actual WWII footage of aerial combat with B-17s falling from the skies.  3:06

Mission Accomplished: Actual footage of Flying Fortress raid out of England starting with the squadron briefing.   10:43

B-17 Flying Fortress Video- Glenn Miller - Dannyboy: Looks like a clip from the movie "Memphis Belle" so it is the 8th AF out of England.   2:13

B-17 Flying Fortress Defending Against Fighters: Live footage and narration of a deadly battle. Great communication between members of the crew.   5:17

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 3/6: Footage showing how the B-17 often survived eventhough severely damaged by fighters and flak.   9:36

WWII - Rare Color Film: Memphis Belle: 25th Mission: From this coverage, the major motion picture "Memphis Belle" was made in 1990.   9:56






                        Links to Newspaper Articles
November 8, 2009 Apalachicola Times and The Panama City News Herald also shorter version picked up by the AP of Florida.
WWII Vets Memoir: A Talegunners Tale - Father, Daughter co-author Last Roll Call. 
May 31, 2010 Apalachicola Times and the Panama City NewsHerald: Family Unearths a War Hero's Story. This was the story of Halsey Nisula's family and how they discovered Last Roll Call while searcing for information about the navigator on Ken's crew who was murdered in a concentration camp.
January 5, 2012 - Apalachicola Times and Panama City News Herald: Medal for a Memoir: Florida Publishers honor Tucker's Wartime story with Gold Medal.