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"Last Roll Call - The Adventure of a B-17 Tailgunner"

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For over a year people have been telling me that I should be blogging about everything that happens with my dad and his book. Until recently no event had inspired me to get started doing something I knew nothing about. That was until November 14, 2010 when my father was invited to Apalachicola, FL for a fly-in of the B-17 "Liberty Belle." My father had been asked to bring books and set up for a book signing. When head pilot, Ray Fowler, met my father Ray invited him up for a flight. The usual fee is $420 but Ray insisted that dad would go up as his special guest. That was a day my father and I will never forget; so began my first ever blog. That day was just too special NOT to share with others. So much has happened over the past year and I do plan to add the most interesting events to the blog but for now the Apalachicola fly-in is a great place to get started. 
Wanda Tucker Goodwin